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UNPRECEDENTED LIQUIDATION SALE !!!  massive clearance, free helmet

Blitz is a real Texas Dealership, brick and mortar 15 years.

We sell face to face because we have the guts to stand behind our products.

When you buy here, you're dealing with a real local person, not some Indian Call Center or pajama man in Ohio. They don't care about you after you pay them.

 I do care about my riders. I keep them on the road with oil changes, tires and more. I'll even make a house call if necessary.

We only sell and service brands that have proven their value to us;

that means NO Electric, NO Chinese and NO Vespas.

If you don't know why, read our FAQ page and get informed.

Electric range and charge-time is a dealbreaker, Chinese engines suck and Vespas are sluggish and too expensive. I know, I've spent 15 years doing this.

We've settled into models and brands that perform as advertised and are worth their cost. Beyond having fun, they're useful and save money on commuting.

The whole world rides gas scooters like these. When will you?


Miles per Gallon
gas saver


Dollars a YEAR!
for insurance 

This is why you ride.
Downsize, Have Fun & Save Cash!

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