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Blitz closed down but
All scooters now for sale at cost 
or below it! Scooters are located in my garage in Irving. Save big!

buyers will get plate/title as usual
These deals are the last Ill ever do
and they are incredibly juicy

Mobile Service & Repair  call Neal   214-334-6532

Genuine Buddy 125, Buddy KICK, Buddy 170i, Lance Cabo 125/200i,
Lance Havana 125/200i, Cali 125/200i or SYM Fiddle

I have the part and can deliver, ship or install!
Carbs, Solenoids, Batteries, Tires, Brake Pads, Ignitions, Ignition Coils, Mirrors, Switch Assemblies, Steering Stems, Starters, Stator Magneto, Voltage Regulator and much more!!!

Blitz was a real Texas Dealership, established 2009-2024. We only sell and service brands that have PROVEN their value to us; that means no Electrics, no Chinese brands and no Vespas. If you don't know why, read our FAQ page. We've settled into brands that are affordable, hold their value and survive Texas roads.  


Miles per Gallon!
gas saver


This is why you ride.
Downsize, Have Fun & Save Cash!

Dollars a YEAR!
for insurance 

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