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Blitz is owned by Tony Diaz III & Neal Wagner.

We're a Licensed Texas Dealership who carries SYM, Lance & Genuine Buddy scooters.

Blitz opened in 2009. In 2011, we began selling gas scooters. Initially we had set out to carry electric, but e-scooters are awful for many reasons when contrasted with gas scooters (mainly due to mile range and price). We learned that lesson years before e-hype came along and saturated the market with junk e-bikes and e-razors. Once we moved into gas scooters in 2011, we spent a few years learning the ropes of the Powersports industry, attending annual conventions and selling hundreds of scooters in Deep Ellum. It took selling a few different brands over the years, to figure out whats best when considering price and quality.


In 2015 we began selling SYM and Lance motor scooters exclusively. Having spent a couple years dealing with assembly and warranty on Chinese brands, switching to a product as dependable as Sym Lance (Taiwanese) was a refreshing change. We proudly sold SYM and Lance for 5 years. In 2020, Blitz began selling Genuine too, another reputable Taiwanese brand. If there is one fact we've learned in 15 years of dealing scooters, its that the best scooters are from Taiwan, period. They perform well, last forever and have reasonable prices -- basically the 'goldilocks zone' in scooters -- not too cheap in quality but not too expensive either.

After ten years in business, we've matured into a wonderful source for affordable transportation.

At Blitz you'll find a top-notch selection of motor-scooters and a charismatic, down-to-Earth manager. Blitz is a small business that is personally accountable to it's clients. We're virtuous, clean & affordable, period. When you feel like discovering the joy of scooter riding or you just want to save money on insurance and gas -- come see us!

-Neal Wagner of Blitz

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