Blitz suggests all riders wear a helmet and keep their registration current

while owning and operating a scooter. 


Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter?     

No, it's a scooter, no one cares. 

If you want a MC License, go ahead and get one. Most people don't because scooters aren't motorcycles. A scooter is not a Harley. They're not comparable in weight, operation or performance. Driving them is also strategically different. Scooters are automatic (you never shift or use your feet) while a motorcycle requires all four limbs to control shifting and braking. 


 No one is having their chops busted for riding a scooter, no matter what size it is. That is my experience after meeting thousands of riders and commuting for 10 years on a scooter without a "MC License." Ive been pulled over on a scooter (one time in 10 years), nothing happened, because no one cares.  That is just my experience so I never worry about it and neither do hundreds of other people... 

What's required to buy a scooter and ride off? 

When you buy a scooter, all you need is

some form of ID and money.

Sign and drive in 25 mins flat

There are no prerequisites or challenges, period.

No matter who you are, you can buy a scooter and take it. 

Anyone saying otherwise is being disingenuous. 

People are riding scooters everyday without issue.

What about the 49cc  

       50cc is too slow. Everyone who buys them, end up regretting buying a scooter that only goes 30mph.  Scooters that go 40mph+ are better. Dont buy a scooter that cant keep up.

Which scooter brands are the Best?

Short answer: Taiwanese (Sym, Lance, Genuine & KYMCO Scooters)

There are no American scooter brands. 

Chinese scooters are junk and Italian scooters are nice, but expensive.

Taiwanese scooters are good, a perfect union of affordability and quality.

Japanese scooters are great too but they cost more.

Taiwanese scoots are the best value for price. 




















Helmet law ?

There is no helmet law but you should just wear a helmet anyway. You need eye-protection from dust and bugs. It also keeps your head warm in winter and covered in summer.

It's just common sense to wear one.

Are they difficult to ride?

No, scooters are automatic, no shifting.

They only weigh about 200lbs so they're very easy to handle. 


Financing or Rental?

No.  Start a layaway to avoid loan sharks. Rentals don't work in Dallas, many have tried.

Can I drive on the highway?

The service road is a better choice.

How much to fill up?

About $3 to fill up, that will get you 75 miles+

You will get 70mpg or better, no matter what. Depends on rider/terrain.

How do you maintain a gas scooter?

1. Ride it, at minimum, 10 miles a week. 

2. Change the oil every 700 miles 

Simple but crucial actions, to ensure scooter health and preservation.    

Why not E-Scooters ?

To be polite, Gas scooters have the considerable upper hand.

The Range alone for Escooters is unacceptable. Also the fact that they cost 3 times more than comparable gas units. They go dead in an hour, or after 15 miles, whichever comes first. I could write an essay here with graphs and everything... To refuel an Escooter, you plug it in and wait hours. To refuel a gas scooter, pay $3 at the pump and hit the road. The truth is, gas would have to be $20 a gallon for Electric Scooters to ever make sense. Just do the math. I sold Escooters and Ebikes for years, and I used them for my transportation. Theyre overpriced junk 

Those razor rental scooters on the sidewalks cost over a 100 times more per mile than a gas scooter! They dont save money at all and are generally useless, dangerous and dumb.



















Park for free and nearly anywhere

Servicing or Repair?

We're a full service dealer. Oil changes, belts, tires and more.


Our scooters have locking handlebars and we sell locks too.


 2-Year Warranty, unlimited mileage, includes labor.

Who are these brands?

​ SYM was a factory for Honda in the 60s, 70s and 80s. They are a proven brand. Genuine is a newer company that has it's scooters built in Taiwan as well, just like SYM and Lance. 

Taiwanese scooters are the best; the Goldilocks zone between quality and price.

KYMCO is known for great side by sides and other OFF ROAD Powersports vehicles. We are very proud to carry KYMCO because theyre tough as hell and built right.