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Blitz suggests all riders wear a helmet and keep their registration current while owning and operating a scooter.

Wear bright clothes and...



Buying Process? 

Sign and drive in 25 mins flat

All you need is  ID and money

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter?     

No, it's a scooter, no one cares. 

If you want a MC License, go ahead and get one. Most people don't because scooters aren't motorcycles. A scooter is not a Harley. They're not comparable in weight, operation or performance. Driving them is also strategically different. Scooters are automatic (you never shift or use your feet) while a motorcycle requires all four limbs to control shifting and braking. 


 No one is having their chops busted for riding a scooter, no matter what size it is. That is my experience after meeting thousands of riders and commuting for 12 years on a scooter without a "MC License." Ive been pulled over on a scooter (one time in 12 years), nothing happened, because no one cares.  That is just my experience so I never worry about it and neither do hundreds of other people... 

Why ride motor-scooters?  

       Beyond getting 85 miles to the Gallon, they cost only $100 a YEAR to insure with liability. Those two facts alone save drivers $2000+ a year compared to a car. You can park for free and get through tight spaces. Scooters are fun, easy to ride and have ample storage. 


What about the 49cc ?  

       50cc is too slow. Everyone who buys them, end up regretting buying a scooter that only goes 30mph.  Scooters that go 40mph+ are better. Dont buy a scooter that cant keep up with normal traffic.

Why not Vespa?

Because its like buying a Ferrari when all you need is a Ford. As with everything Italian, you’re paying for their lofty estimate of value. They’re more interested in selling you a designer purse with wheels, than a sensibly designed scooter. There is no hidden value in a Primavera, that is not in a Buddy 170 --- but the price tag would make you think you’re getting a better bike. Youre not. The real Vespa went bankrupt decades ago, and Piaggio Group bought the name. If all you care about is a status symbol, by all means, buy a Vespa and pay double. Expect to pay double for service and parts too. I used to believe Vespa was great, until I realized other brand’s marketshare dwarf Vespa and frankly, brands like SYM, Lance & Genuine rival the quality at much more affordable prices.

Which scooter brands are the Best?

Short answer: Taiwanese (Sym, Lance & Genuine Scooters)

There are no American scooter brands. 

Chinese scooters are junk and Italian scooters are nice, but expensive.

Taiwanese scooters are good, a perfect union of affordability and quality.  Japanese scooters are great too but they cost more.

Dont buy Chinese ones.

Why not Electric Scooters. Warning Salty!

Electric Scooters & E-Bikes go dead

in 12 miles or less and require a 4 hour charge whereas a gas scooter can drive 80 miles and refuel in 30 seconds! No matter the EV model, a gas scooter is wildly superior by any metric, multiple times over. 

If an EV’s claimed speed is not a total lie, the range is! 

Electric scooters are slow, heavy, inconvenient, shoddy, expensive and out of place on both bike paths and city roads. There is no market niche between a bicycle and a gas scooter. The 'last mile' commuting solution was a sales pitch. In reality, a plain bicycle is preferable up to about 2 miles -- for any other distance up to 20 miles away, a road legal motor-scooter with storage and brake lights is the solution.

E-Razors are an especially terrible model for transportation with their lack of suspension, tiny rims seizing on road cracks, unsafe standing posture, no brake lights or storage, inadequate speed and running out of juice - having to push it to a wall outlet. E-Razors force you onto sidewalks during rush-hour where you have to pull it over curbs every fifty feet. You have no support for tires or tech issues because you bought it from the internet. If you rode a gas scooter instead, you wouldn’t have to take a long, indirect bike path, dodging dog walkers and pedestrians to get where you need to be. You wouldn’t need to lug around an extra battery or worry about how far away some destination is. You wouldnt worry about support because a local dealer would provide full service.

Have fun pedaling a heavy E-Bike once the battery dies. A regular bicycle is half the weight. Whether for commuting or exercise, an E-Bike is the worst choice you can make. They are little more than a novelty toy for disabled people to enjoy bike paths. Everyone else capable of pedaling are better off with a normal lightweight bicycle that doesnt become a rock after ten miles. If they need to commute, then a gas scooter is the best choice, not a bicycle at all – again, you need to keep up with traffic not fly down the sidewalk at 20mph popping curbs and dodging walkers.

Electric is not the future; do some math. Factoring in gasoline, oil changes and insurance coverage, a Gas Scooter costs about 8 cents a mile! Razors, E-Bikes and full size electric scooters cost 40 cents a mile! The idea that electric vehicles save money is a massive lie. Eventually that battery will need to be replaced and that is when it becomes crystal clear that the inconvenience of it all was not worth it. 

EVs are a rip off, period. 


Why not Honda Ruckus?

The Ruckus is too slow, too low and has no secure storage. Only complete newbs drive Ruckus or Ruckus clones. Sorry, it’s the truth. If youre going to spend top dollar on a Japanese scooter, the PCX150 is the way to go, but you can still save a $1000 by choosing a Cabo 200i or Buddy 170i instead! Shop around.


Helmet law?

There is no helmet law but you should just wear a helmet anyway. You need eye-protection from dust and bugs. It also keeps your head warm in winter and covered in summer.

It's just common sense to wear one.

Are they difficult to ride?

No, scooters are automatic, no shifting.

They only weigh about 200lbs so they're very easy to handle. 



We now have Roadrunner Financial

Fill out an Application here:


Can I drive on the highway?

The service road is a better choice.

How much to fill up?

About $4 to fill up, that will get you 80 miles+

You will get 80mpg or better, no matter what.

Depends on rider/terrain.

How do you maintain a gas scooter?

1. Ride it, at minimum, 5 miles a week. 

2. Change the oil as scheduled, its easy. 

Simple but crucial actions, to ensure scooter health and preservation.    


Park for free and nearly anywhere

Servicing or Repair?

We're a full service dealer. Oil changes, belts, tires and more.


Our scooters have locking handlebars and we sell locks too.


 2-Year Warranty, unlimited mileage, includes labor.

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