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Blitz suggests all riders wear a helmet and keep their registration current while owning and operating a scooter.

Wear bright clothes and...


Why ride a gas scooter?  

        85 miles a Gallon and only $90 a YEAR to insure.

Those two facts alone save riders $2000+ a year compared to a car.  Motorscooters are fun, easy to ride and free to park. Motorscooters are built to be perfect DFW commuters.

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter?     

No, it's a scooter, no one cares. 

If you want a motorcycle license, get one but most people don't because scooters aren't motorcycles. A scooter is not a Harley. They're not comparable in weight, operation or performance. Driving them is also strategically different. Scooters are automatic (you never shift or use your feet) while a motorcycle requires all four limbs to control shifting and braking. 

 I've commuted for 13 years on a motorscooter without a "MC License." Ive been pulled over but nothing happened, likely because I have Insurance and a License Plate. Out of thousands of riders in 13 years, Ive only heard of two people ever getting a ticket for no MC license and it was because they were riding without a plate and recklessly. Most people never have any issue because they follow traffic codes and keep their plate current.


Buying Process?     

Its straightforward and rapid. Visit the store and sit on some scooters.

We deliver anywhere within 70 miles of Downtown Dallas.


What about the 49cc ?  

First, you aren't getting around any laws in Texas, youre just buying something that is slow and useless in nearly all situations. 49cc still requires registation and insurance unlike Florida or Colorado. For the same price you can get a bike that actually keeps up with normal traffic. Too many people regret them so we don't even stock them. Even if Texas had laws like Florida, they wouldnt be useful in DFW... 30mph is TOO SLOW in 45mph zones. 


Vespa Sucks 

The real Vespa brand went bankrupt decades ago and was resurrected by Piaggio Group because tourists and Sears Catalog made the name iconic. Iconic doesnt mean they're worth a shit though.

In fact, you're absolutely going to pay thousands over what similarly reliable scooters are priced at. All for what? A meme of Italy you were sold through pop culture. They're heavy and slow. Working on them is also difficult because like many things Italian, they're overdesigned for looks rather than functionality or utility. Difficult and time consuming service equals more cost for you the rider. Dealer margins are also so thin, that Dealers have no other choice but to charge more for service. There was a time where I wanted to sell "Vespah..oouu lah lah" but having since learned all this stuff over the course of a decade, I wouldnt sell or service Vespa if they asked me to. Theres actually alot more to say in defense of this view but its not relevant to riders, just dealers. All I can say is, when it comes to a decent motorscooter, Japanese and Taiwanese has Italian beat on every front. 

Quality of Brands?

Chinese brands: Bad   (Tao Tao, Ice Bear, BMS, Wolf, Bintelli...)

Taiwanese brands GOOD   (Sym, Lance, Genuine)

Japanese brands GOOD  (Honda, Yamaha) More expensive though.

German or French GOOD  (BMW or Peugeot) Not sold in USA.

Italian brands GOOD (Piaggio Vespa) Pretentiously expensive.

 Anything electric is BAD, period. Read next section. 

       Do not let Honda or Vespa salesmen tell you "all other brands are Chinese."

There is a massive difference between Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturing.

Below is a photo of my customer's SYM Fiddle (Taiwanese) - His odometer has over 28,000 miles on it. Chinese scooters can't do that, most of them never make it past 3000 miles. I know what Im talking about because I have demoed, tested and rode fifty different models across a dozen manufacturers in 14 Years. I've rode over 60,000 miles on scooters. Im telling you point blank after exhaustive experience, Chinese scooters are trash, and Taiwanese scooters are gold. If the VIN starts with L, its from China! If the VIN starts with R, its from Taiwan. Japanese scooters are also gold, but you will pay for that Honda decal.


What Ive discovered is that Taiwanese scooters are perfect for new riders because they're more affordable, perform well and hold their value. You can beat them up and still sell them for good money, or ride for 10 years and really get your money's worth. If you scratch or break something, its far cheaper to get repairs than trying to buy parts for higher-end brands. Service is more affordable too.

Why not Electric Scooters? Warning, salty.

Electric Scooters & E-Bikes go dead in 12 miles or less and require a 4 hour charge.  

A gas scooter can drive 80 miles and refuel in 30 seconds! Think about that!

When you internalize those facts, buying any EV becomes insane.

If an EV’s claimed speed is not a total lie, the range is. 

Electric scooters are heavy, inconvenient, shoddy, expensive and out of place on both bike paths and city roads. There is no market niche between a bicycle and a gas scooter. The 'last mile' commuting solution was a sales pitch. In reality, a plain bicycle is preferable up to about 2 miles -- for any other distance up to 20 miles away, a road legal motorscooter with storage and brake lights is better and you get more for your money, not a battery strapped to a metal pipe and sold for $3000. For that same cost, you could get a fully built-out, road legal motorscooter that doesnt need a 4 hour charge after every hill.

E-Razors are an especially terrible model for transportation with their lack of suspension, tiny rims seizing on road cracks, unsafe standing posture, no brake lights or storage and running out of charge - having to push it to a wall outlet. E-Razors force you onto sidewalks during rush-hour where you have to pull it over curbs every fifty feet. You have no support for tires or tech issues because you bought it from the internet. If you rode a gas scooter instead, you wouldn’t have to take a long, indirect bike path, dodging pedestrians to get where you need to be. You wouldn’t need to lug around an extra battery or worry about range. You wouldnt worry about support because a local dealer would provide full service. For those of you riding them in the street, you are taking risks for absolutely no reason. For the same cost, you can get a real scooter that's safer and performs better.

Have fun pedaling a heavy E-Bike once the battery dies. A regular bicycle is half the weight. E-Bikes are little more than a novelty toy for disabled people to enjoy bike paths or hotheads to disrupt traffic. Everyone capable of pedaling is better off with a normal lightweight bicycle that doesnt become a rock after a few miles. If commuting is the goal, then a gas scooter is better, not a bicycle at all – again, you need to keep up with traffic not fly down the sidewalk at 28mph or play chicken with cars.

Factoring in gasoline, oil changes and insurance coverage, a Gas Scooter costs about 8 cents a mile! Electric scooters cost 40 cents a mile when you factor in battery replacement which I assure you, it will need in less than two years, or two thousand miles. A gas scooter needs a five minute oil change ($30) every 900 miles. The lifespan of a gas engine versus a lithium battery is so one-sided in favor of a gas engine its astonishing anyone buys EVs.

Its all hype!


The people renting eRazors are paying over $1 a mile! That is ten times more than just buying a gas scooter. Dockless eRazors are a plague, and should've never been permitted on our streets. Nothing about them is a solution, in fact everything about them is a disaster. The claim that they help "disadvantaged communities" is a blatant lie. eRazors rob people and put them in danger. Its a grift.

Why not Honda Ruckus?

The Ruckus is too slow, too low and has no secure storage. Only newbs drive Ruckus or Ruckus clones. If youre going to spend top dollar on a Japanese scooter, the PCX150 is the way to go, but you can still save a $1000 by choosing a Cabo 200i or Buddy 170i instead! Shop around and consider other factors besides looks or so-called 'name brands.' The brands we carry at Blitz are as old as Honda or at minimum 20 years old.


Helmet law?

There is no helmet law but you should just wear a helmet anyway. You need eye-protection from dust and bugs. It also keeps your head warm in winter and covered in summer.

It's just common sense to wear one.

Are they difficult to ride?

No, scooters are automatic, no shifting.

They only weigh about 200lbs so they're very easy to handle. 


Financing? or Layaway?

No, we do not have financing. 

Start a Layaway with us. 

Layaway is simple. We hold the bike until you've paid it off. 

$800 cash down to initiate layaway. 

Make payments of however much you want, whenever you want, within a 13 month term.

Layaway is a commitment to purchase. No refunds.

Can I drive on the highway?

The service road is a better choice.

Larger scooters can enter highways though.

How much to fill up?

About $3 to fill up, that will get you 80 miles+

You will get 70mpg or better, no matter what.

Depends on rider/terrain.

How do you maintain a gas scooter?

1. Ride it, at minimum, 5 miles a week. 

2. Change the oil as scheduled, its easy.    


Park for free and nearly anywhere

Servicing or Repair?

We're a full service dealer. Oil changes, belts, tires and more.


Our scooters have locking handlebars but you should buy chains and other kinds of locks especially if you live in apartments with community parking. Or consider Full Coverage Insurance, roughly $400 a year. 


 2-Year Warranty, unlimited mileage, includes labor.

This bike now has 32,800 miles.
Its Taiwanese!
Not Chinese.

You dont have to buy Honda or Vespa to get miles out of a motorscooter. A Taiwanese brand is just as good, fuel injected, and more affordable.

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